Friday, February 4, 2011

Fake Facebook closing down apps getting more urgent

 Those fake Facebook is closing down apps appear to be becoming more urgent. Instead of listing some random date when Facebook will close down the apps are now spreading all unverified accounts will be shut down today.

 The new message spreading around now is:

Mark Zuckerberg - Official Annoucement. The owner of Facebook announced that all account will be shut down today. In order to keep your account alive, you MUST verifyyour account. (Fake-Facebook-App-Link-Here)

 Another variant of the message above say to prevent your account from being banned rather then shut down.

These fake ones are spreading via a short link, to a page which redirects them back to the fake application. The app name I have seen spreading the most is: 
                                                                  Keep Accounts Safe

If Facebook were to really close down you would be hearing it everywhere. So always be careful on what info you start spreading on Facebook and what apps you allow to access your profile. 

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