Saturday, February 19, 2011

Malware writers using the brand factor for fake AV's.

  The more popular a security company the more likely it will be copied it seems. I read a little while ago about a FakeAV that copied the logo of AVG Antivirus. AVG is one of the most popular free AV products and it makes much sense for them to attempt to copy their logo. In fact the day I heard about that I ran into a couple of malware urls that were hosting the fake av setup file. Just think how many people think that its the real AVG and pay for the fakeav. I actually read in a few places people were complaining that AVG took over their machine and were sending reports to the real AVG when it was the fake av that did.

 As I was reading on a foum I mod today I ran into another interesting fake av. This one was going under the name Dr. Web Antivirus for Windows 2011. So again fake av writers are basing the fake av names off a popular antivirus product.

 So I highly recommend if you are looking for an AV grab it from the vendors site and not some other download service which may be hosting the fake version rather then the real one.

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