Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Honest part of the: Who is viewing your profile scam apps

  So while checking out the latest message of the "Who is viewing your profile" scams on Facebook I found something rather funny. So as many of my readers most likely know these messages contain lies saying they will show who is viewing your profile. Well the latest message makes it sound like its more urgent while adding some truth to it. The latest message it:

  Wow! I've just found a pretty amazing app that let's you see who's been looking at your profile and pics! So now I can finally see who's been spying on me!!
Check the app while its still available! --> (Bad App Link)
So now the ending says: Check the app while its still available! Why do I say that is true, with the way these fake app's are going up and down that you have to be quick to jump onto one of these fake apps. So although that part of the message is honest you will not be able to see who is viewing your profile or your pics.

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