Friday, November 18, 2011

Worst passwords of 2011

 Do you have one of the worst passwords of 2011? Well its time to check and see if your password made the list of worst passwords of the year. Splash Data has came out with their list of passwords you should "avoid" for they are the worst of the year.

 Coming in first place for the worst password if the year is......"password". Yes that is right even with all the press saying not to set your password as password people are still doing that. Followed by passwords such as 1234 and 12345, and so on. Some other passwords that made it on the list were sports (Baseball, Football) so when coming up with a password its a good idea to avoid sports. Another password which seems to be lacking in creativity is "monkey" for it seems a lot more people are using this simple password. Why I don't know but it seems people just love typing the word Monkey.

 When coming up with a password you random words, and symbols (if possible) to help create a stronger password. Make sure you never use the same password at different sites for all it takes is one site to be hacked for hackers to gain access to all your personal sites.

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