Thursday, November 10, 2011

Steam Hacked

 Gamers this is an important announcement for you: Steam has been hacked. Yes Steam the popular computer gaming service (which even I use) has had their database hacked into. According to reports it was at first thought the hack was just on the forums but it has been found the hack possibly went deeper then what was first thought. Hopefully all of you use Steam Guard which provides an extra layer of security to your Steam account. Something I have personally found very helpful to prevent others from accessing my account from a machine that is not mine.

 Once again this hack is a greater risk to those who use the same password at more then one site. So please use different passwords at different sites. Never share your password with anyone. Also if you hear news about a hack at a site you are a member on change the password as soon as possible on that site.

 If I get more info I will report it here as soon as possible.

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