Monday, November 7, 2011

Parents continue to lie to get kids Facebook

 So do you help your kids get past the Facebook age rule or not? According to a new study it seems parents have joined the "help my kids lie" side of the argument. Now if you have read this blog for a while you may know my view on the topic: I believe its wrong to be helping kids get around the age limit. Lets take a look at some of the stories across the web: TheNextWeb has posted that Facebook kicks off about 20,000 underage users a day. The NY Times has an article with many different people talking about letting their kids bypass the age limit. However I want to know why? What are they missing out on by not having a Facebook? They would be seeing their friends every day at school. With the age kids are getting cell phones now they most likely can text their friends.

 Now lets take a look at some of the things that the report tells us. The first thing I noticed is that in the survey only 20% of the people responded saying they want the government to try to take action to protect minors account. A majority of them would rather the gov just be like the movie board and provide recommended age. This could work but what about parents who don't pay attention to things like these? In fact I recently (can't seem to find it now) saw a report about someone who was suing Facebook because their underage child made an account. 

 So like always I recommend you having your kids wait till they hit 13 (the official age limit) to get your kids a Facebook. The older they get they should be more mature and should be better at handling a Facebook 

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