Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Comodo vs AV-C part 2

 Well Comodo's CEO has put out a second blog post about AV-C, so far this has became a pretty popular topic among the computer security discussion websites. Popular computer security forum Wilders security has a topic full of discussion and so does Malwaretips, I recommend you keep an eye and both for the latest news.

 So as I continue to watch this unfold somethings continue to stick out to me. First off it seems like both sides were not native English speakers and the email may have been quickly put together. Taking a look at this quote "We are waiting for a response, if not, we may post our reply on" AV-C was saying they may have to post a public response about the incorrect AV-C Information. So it first all comes down to if you think that was a threat or not.

 The next thing it really comes down to you if they think someone is going to do something unethical to you do you do something unethical back? As they say fight fire with fire and someone is going to get burned.

 So what do you think about the whole issue? Leave you thoughts in the comment section below.

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