Sunday, November 27, 2011

AV-C vs Comodo

 For those of you who enjoy reading up on Antivirus news and vendors blogs you may have seen this post from Comodos CEO about AV-C Antivirus testing method and their behavior. If you have not read this post I recommend you read it because it does contain some interesting details about Comodo. Once you have read that I recommend you read AV-C response to that post.

 First off in my opinion I really don't think this should have ever gone public. The emails that were private really should not have been posted. However it's all going to come down to do you trust Comodo or do you trust AV-C? However you can keep up with thoughts from around the web from Comodos own forum here or a topic about it on Wilders Security forum here.

 Another point this brings up is "How much do you trust your friends or family to correctly answer a security program alert"?  While most other vendors are pushing silent sandboxes and other security software Comodo is still pretty talkative. Do you trust people will correctly answer most of the alerts correctly?

 So how do you feel about vendors paying to get their product tested? In my opinion I feel as long as they are all being charged equally then it is fair. Share in the comment section below how you feel on this whole issue.

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