Friday, November 18, 2011

Daily Social Scam Report (11-18-2011)

 It's time for today's social scam report. Its the part of the blog where we inform you have the latest social scams and spam spreading across the social network:

 Casey Anthony adopting another child:

    This is false, this fake news story has been spreading quickly around the social network making people wonder if it is true. This news is false so please inform anyone you see posting it that it is not true.

 Free Iphone 5! As Christmas is coming Apple has decided to give away free Iphone 5s!

 No Apple is not giving a phone that does not exist yet away for the holidays. So you can ignore all the posts that say this and inform your friends that they are all a scam.

 Find out who your profile stalker is!

 Once again a scam and it's still spreading. In fact this is one of the first scam topics we have wrote about on the IGL-Security blog.

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