Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What is the best antivirus program?

 What is the best antivirus program? This topic is highly debatable and causes many online wars over which AV is the best. Well I am here to answer that question so we can finally put this question to rest. So the best AV award goes to.............................none. Now you might be wondering why I am saying none, now please note I am not saying running no AV is best I am saying not one AV is the best.

 To start my "research project" I decided to do a Yahoo! Search and see what would come up if I searched "What is the Best Antivirus" and "Best Free Antivirus". The result's I got (which as you might expect) a bunch of sites and magazines comparing all the antivirus programs to tell you which one is (according to them) "the best".

 Now the problem with these "tests" is that one size does not fit all. It's pretty unrealistic that all of us have malware files just sitting on our desktop that we plan to execute all at one time. If we were to be running into malware it would most likely be from a drive by download (or even an illegal download) so even if all the AV's only missed one infection that could be the infection that infects the machine. If a AntiMalware product does great at protecting from malware from one region but fails in another if you are more likely to download from the region it does well it that product will be better for you even though it may have a lower over all score.

 The next thing that needs to be better for an indivsual is memory usage. You may have a program on your machine that causes high CPU usage for one AV but if you did not have it the AV would be the lightest AV out there. It all depends on what works for you, you should not be forced to change all your habits because your security software is not working for you.

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