Thursday, October 6, 2011

Be on the lookout for Steve Jobs death scams

 Yesterday as most of you are aware it was announced Steve Jobs had passed away. As many big news stories like this do it has attracted scamers to start making scam and spam posts and pages in different social networks. I have already seen reports from Panda Security ( that scammers are creating fake R.I.P Steve Jobs pages on Facebook to make a push saying Apple is giving away free products because he died. F-Secure ( has already found pages on Google that are taking advantage of those looking up his death information. So please be careful online as you are looking up information on his death.

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  1. I have written a big tribute to the late steve jobs, "Remembering Steve Jobs – The Man, The Entrepreneur, The Maverick". That contributed alot to our society. hope that he may rest in peace.

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