Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Daily Social Scam Report 10-11-2011

 Time for today's social scam report. Sorry about the lack of these daily now that school has started back up I have been busy.

 Take advantage of this special Outback Steakhouse offer! Receive two FREE dinner vouchers today! Act quickly before the supply runs out. With only a few coupons left, they'll go fast!

 This one made me laugh. I saw a whole a post of this scam which said only 108 remaining coupons for free Outback but then a post above it that said 306 coupons were available. Doing a URLVoid it tells me that not services are currently detecting it.

 I saw a real bad blog about you, have you seen this?

 This is a twitter DM phishing attack that has been going through the Twitter social network. Please ignore any messages you get with the message and inform the friend who sent it that their friend has been hacked. Make sure you do not click the URL and do not enter your twitter (or any other) information at the URL that you get sent.

 This girl has a spider living under her skin, she is most likely spidermans daughter

 The spider under the skin scam is back, once again make sure you ignore these messages and tell the person who sent it to you that it is a scam. This message has been going through the social network for a while.

 Get 2 Free Southwest Airline Tickets  

 No clicking on the link will not give you two free south airline tickets. They are a scam so please ignore this message and tell the person who posted it that it is a scam. 

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