Sunday, October 9, 2011

Daily Social Scam report (10-9-2011)

 So the new Iphone was released the Iphone 4S not the Iphone 5. So what about all those scams that offered free Iphone 5 if you just take a survey? Well first this proves them wrong and next it mean they should all die down. That is incorrect and free iphone 5 messages are still spreading through the social network. Lets take a look at the free iphone scams going through now.

 Test & Keep a Free iPhone 5! <-How can you test something that does not exist? I did a URLvoid and no services were detecting it. I next did a test with WebSense ACE since it will be part of the tech added to Facebook for security. It did not detect anything as bad so the WebSense Engine maybe more for malware tech.

 So once again be careful about these free offers on Facebook and read into things before you share them. You can't get a free Iphone 5 if an Iphone 5 does not exist.

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