Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Google Plus open to everyone...not really

So today you may have seen the headlines Google Plus is now open for everyone. In fact in the official Google Blog they say its open to everyone. So since they said everybody I decided to go and attempt to sign up, however I was once again welcomed by the "You must be over a certain age to use this feature". Yes Google still has that same age requirement even though they have said they have opened it to everybody.

 So once again as I have said before I will continue waiting for them to truly open their door's for everyone. I greatly discourage anyone to make a new account and attempt to bypass the rules. However I do feel this limit is holding them back. Let's take a look at Facebook, I know a lot of parents have gotten into Facebook because their kids wanted to create an account so they made one. Once they made one they learned they really liked it and decided to stay expanding the number of members on Facebook.

 So I am sorry I have no news on when the age limit of Google Plus will change. As I watch my blog stats I notice a lot of people reaching my site because they are looking up information about the age limit. So what are your thoughts? Share you thoughts down in the comment section to share with the world how you feel about it.

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