Sunday, September 11, 2011

Daily Social Scam report (9-11-2011)

 Time for today's daily social scam report:

Yeey finally!! Its unbelievable now you can get to know who views your facebook profile and who are your top 10 profile-pictures stalkers.. I am so shocked by the results. Check yours at :
    First I never knew yeey was a word. I did a URLVoid     and found that only one service was detecting it as bad and that was MyWot. The next thing I checked was how many clicks the link was getting, and so far at the time of the writing more then 3000 people have clicked it. Which it is sad to see how many people are falling for the scam posts.
 OMG! i just received my Awsome FREE FB T-shirt, Request your free FB-Tshirt from here:
  This is another one of those free T-Shirt offers as you can see from the Facecrooks security center. Doing a stat check only 1000 people have fell for this one but that's still a pretty large number of people. Doing a URLVoid no services were detecting it as bad.
  Get a free $100 Pizza hut gift card
  Yeah these free offers are real popular with the scammers. Also reported on the Facecrooks site you can see an example of the scammers site. Doing a URLVoid none of the services are currently detecting it at the moment.


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