Thursday, September 22, 2011

Facebook and Privacy

 With the recent changes to Facebook many people have been wondering what their privacy setting's should be. In fact many people just quit Facebook due to fearing they may lose their privacy. Now I have admitted before I am a rather big fan of Facebook. So I will not encourage just quitting, I recommend staying safe and using Facebook wisely.

 1. Set Facebook posts to friends only, however this will only work if you follow another important Facebook rule. Only add people you know. It's not a popularity race to see who has the most friends. In fact I go through my friends list every once in a while and clear out people I no longer talk to. If you want to know random people with thoughts you don't care about the world seeing creating a twitter account for that purpose may be a better idea. Facebook is more about sharing personal things with friends and not posting things for random strangers to see. Twitter is more about sharing your random thoughts with the world and not making personals relations.

 2. Don't post photos and statuses you would not want others to see. Remember latter on in life people that may want to hire you, colleges, and even bosses may look at your profile. In fact people have even been fired due to what they have posted about their job. So always think before you post.

 3. Ignore the spam apps: Please ignore all the apps that say they can tell you who is viewing your profile, tell you to watch some amazing or creepy video, will give you a free ipad, or will give you free facebook credits. They are all a scam and should be ignored.

4. Look at the privacy controls: They are there to be used not just ignored. You can't blame Facebook for not having enough privacy when the controls are there for you. Take action, do not just react.

 5. Follow the TOS, don't blame Facebook when you kid under 13 has a loss of privacy because they have an underage account.

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