Friday, September 16, 2011

Daily Social Scam report (9-16-2011)

 Its time for today's daily social scam report.

 Comment Spam

  You know those comment messages you see at time. The ones that say things like "I just got a new Ippad for $(money).(cents)" or "I just got a cheap machine here:" I highly recommend you do not click them. If a site were to really be giving out Ipads and computers for $19.00 I would have already bought a few and shared the details with y'all!


Profile views: 1494  
Boys: 645   
Girls: 844  
Check yours here:

 I was not originally go to post that post but as I was URLVoiding messages switched urls as I was on the other tab. So I went a grabbed a new one and started URLvoiding it and all the messages switched again. It just goes to show how quickly scam and spam posts start and die through the social network.

You vvill be amazed to find out who checks your profiIe and pictures. Click to see your profile activity! >> (bad link) My ProflIe Activity
Total Profile Views::5922
Total Photo Views::45
Total Friends Deleted Me::14
Total Friends Blocked Me::11
  This is the first time I have seen ones grouped like this. However this one just lead to a Facebook app. Remember no app can tell you who is viewing your profile, photos, who deleted you, or who blocked you.

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