Thursday, September 15, 2011

Can I really get a free Apple Product or Dell PC for FREE? (Daily Social Scam Report 9-15-2011)

 The free offer scams have really taken off over the past few weeks. However the two scams I have seen more then others are: "Get a free Apple Product" or "Get a free Dell computer". Why do these scams work so well?

 First because they seem to come from trusted friends. Most of the scam/spam posts say "I love Apple" or "I love Dell". Its all apart of getting them to believe that its a real post. Spammers also program their app to use your Facebook name in the spam posts on your Facebook wall to make it more personal. Most of the sites I have seen running these offers have real nice looking sites which helps them trick people into believing its real.

 So how do these spammers make their money? Eventually in these process you will end up at a survey, and if you take the survey or sign up to some service the page operators will make some cash for referring you to the survey/service.

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