Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lulzsec hacker possibly arrested? Lulzsec boycotting Paypal?

 It is being reported by Sky news producer via twitter that they have have arrested another Lulzec/Anonymous hackers. According to what is being reported it was Lulzsec member "Topiary" and Sophos did confirm that the user "Topiary" was working with the hacking group in the past. it is also being reported that another 17 year old is being questioned, however he has not yet been arrested.

 In other news LulzSec and Anonymous released a message calling for the boycott of Paypal. A few of the people leading this boycott of Paypal may be related to the denial of service attacks on PayPal late last year. Now this boycott is all over how they treated Wikileaks a while back. According to an Anonymous tweet about 35,000 Paypal accounts have been closed so far. I have no idea if that is true so we will have to wait and see if PayPal comments. I have also seen reports that PayPal has shut down the ability to close accounts online. However the number to call to close down accounts has been tweeted over and over again.

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