Monday, July 11, 2011

GM of CO.CC responds to Google about sites being removed

A post on the Google Webmaster Help forum coming from someone claiming to be a GM on the CO.CC service has responded to Google about the removal of CO.CC sites from Google Search results. Now you can read the full post over on the link I just posted but this does lead to some interesting question.

 1. Was it a good idea to remove the CO.CC sites from the search results? In fact Trend Micro researchers have already found that the cyber criminals are already jumping to other services.

2. Should blogspot be deindexed? They made a claim in the post that most Blogspot blogs are low quality content. As I write this on a blogspot blog I am going to have to say I have found many blogspot blogs with information I need. I do not want to see them all deindexed.

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