Monday, July 18, 2011

The day of returns: LulzSec is back

 Well first we have the return of Rebecca Black with a new song and now we have the return of Lulzsec with a new hack. According to ZDNET they hacked into the Sun Newspaper website redirecting them to articles that say Rupert Murdoch has been found dead. Now for y'all that have not been paying attention to the news Rupert is in the middle of a phone hacking scandal over in the U.K which is most likely what caused them to become a target. Just to add for all you wondering he is not dead and it was a fake story placed by the hackers.

 For those of you who have forgotten who Lulzsec is they are the ones that hacked Sony, and a whole bunch of other places around the net. Eventually they disbanded but now apparently they are back. Now this does not mean they are back for good so time will tell if this was a one time only thing or they are coming back for good. 

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