Friday, January 7, 2011

ProfileSpy like apps spreading via Facebook

 While researching on Facebook we noticed another large wave of ProfileSpy apps spreading through Facebook. A few of the links to the bad app were posted on popular facebook fan pages, however most of them were just regular users pointing to the app. Like always these apps had the common "Oh my I can't believe this works, now I can see who viewed my profile" message. So always remember to watch what you click on the site.

 To remove the bad app from your account go to where it lists all the app's you have allowed on Facebook. Then delete the one(s) that looks out of place. This wave I have been looking at has a pretty obvious name so it should be simple to pick out what one(s) to remove. For the ones we spotted here is a short list of the app names:
  Pro Checker and
  Pro Me

  We have reported these ones to Facebook to have them removed.

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