Saturday, January 8, 2011

My first Facebook post was spam wave hitting Facebook

 IGL-Security has noticed a large spam app wave of my first status posts going around facebook. Unlike the ProfileSpy like apps which promises to let you see who is looking at your profile this app says it can post what your first status was. None of these app's post truly what your first status was but either posts one of the two randomly selected message of "Wow this is better then MySpace" or "This is hard to use". Also each of the post says your first post was in 2007, even if you were not even on Facebook at that time.

 The App Names IGL-Security has noticed:

 Most of the apps are pointing through a URL shortened link. IGL noticed 5 different URL's that were being used a lot and have reported them in to get shut down. IGL has also reported the bad apps to Facebook to be shut down.
 The two most common bad social app themes at the moment are "My First Status" like apps and "ProfileSpy" like apps. Do not instantly trust these apps that say they will let you see who views your profile or let you see what your first status was.

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