Sunday, January 30, 2011

Facebook Closing down Fake Social App Spreading

 "Warning Facebook will be closing down soon, click here to verify your account" if your account is spreading that message your account has been infected with a fake social application. Like other fake social applications I have blogged about this posts messages that attempt to scare the user to click on a link. The link will then lead to a fake social application that asks the user to take a survey to earn the fake app creator cash for their fake application.

  Unlike the past few apps I have shared about that involve seeing who is on your friend list, or who is your top friend this Facebook is closing down apps tells users that their favorite social networking site will be closing down if they do not verify the account. The app is spreading via the app name: Social Network Close Down - February 15th. Fake social app writers have been making up dates for the day Facebook will be closing down for a while now and all of them have been proven false. So check the facts before you start clicking apps and spreading these fake apps. If you get infected by one of these make sure you remove the fake app from your app list.

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