Friday, January 21, 2011

Fake Facebook Apps get more personal

 Those fake spamming apps you see on your social network feed are getting more personal. Today I have noticed two different variants of the who viewed your profile and how many views you have scam spreading actively around social networking sites which add a touch of being personal to the user.

 The first variant of see who viewed your claims it can tell who views your profile the most. The app randomly would chose ten of your friends and tell you if you clicked on the short url link you could see the full list of who is viewing your profile enough. Be aware that it is impossible for an app to figure out who viewed your profile the most.

 The next variant type we saw was an extension of the my total views. Instead of just listing the total views it told you how many guys viewed your page and how many girls viewed your page. This would most likely make many more people believe that the app is showing the true amount when it was just a lot of random numbers.

All of these short urls have been reported to get shut down.

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