Friday, December 24, 2010

ProfileSpy spreading Facebook

 I had no idea you could see all the people viewing our page! You guys are sick!! If you saw this when you logged onto Facebook today you may be wondering whats going on. What you are seeing are posts from the scam facebook applications known as ProfileSpy or PageSpy. 
 According to some research PageSpy/ProfileSpy has been spreading for a while through Fac ebook. Most of the past variants make a push at gettingyour mobile phone number. Once they have your mobile phone number they will sign you up for premium mobile phone services to raise your bill.
 To clean up your profile go into your Facebook Application settings and remove the application from your profile. Each variant of this Facebook app is different but the most recent one we have been tracking have the name itstime. So just look for something out of place and delete it.
 The app we found has been reported to Facebook and the shorted URL reported to Remember to always look into the urls before you click them.

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